446 Cambodian nationals arrested after making an attempt to illegally cross Thai border

At least forty six Cambodian nationals have been arrested for allegedly illegally crossing over the Thailand border in Sa Kaeo province. Police there say the arrests are taking place daily because the Cambodian nationals are looking for work in Bangkok and neighbouring provinces. And, with the Covid-19 pandemic, the allegedly illegal border crossers are paying as much as 20,000 baht to agents to assist them transfer throughout the border undetected. However, they are getting caught anyway upon crossing.
The Cambodians were promised jobs in Thailand starting from working in a bread manufacturing facility to building work. To get to Thailand, the immigrants had to cross a pure pathway, which included crossing the Nam Sai Canal. After arriving across the border, the teams of hopeful migrants waited for a truck to choose them up and ship them to their new jobs, however they have been met with police as an alternative. 35 had been caught at round 4am, whereas one other eleven were arrested near the same location because the others, at round 6am. The suspects include both men and women and police say the final batch of border crossers had been promised a job in Pak Kret District of Nonthaburi Province.
But, instead of going to work in Ready to future, the Cambodians would probably be sitting in jail and having to spend more money on the judicial process. The officials say the migrants got Covid-19 tests and they are now at police stations ready for prosecution.
More crackdowns on migrants crossing land borders illegally and getting into the nation with out quarantine caught more than 3,000 people on this previous week. A spokesperson for the Internal Security Operations Command correlated Thailand’s latest reopening to worldwide tourism with the surge in unlawful migrant border crossing.
A spokesperson for the ISOC said they are seeing a flood of unlawful border crossings in the Northeastern and Eastern borders of Thailand of individuals on the lookout for migrant work. Banned acknowledged that three,a hundred and sixty migrants were arrested just this week alone after attempting to enter the nation illegally, bypassing the quarantining that ensures public health safety..

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