5 Omicron variant infections identified in Phuket

Phuket province has now identified 5 cases of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 based on health officers on the island. All 5 infections had been identified from the RT-PCR check that every one international arrivals are administered as soon as they land in Thailand.
The Omicron infections have been present in individuals who arrived on December 13 and December 14. One infection was in a Thai nationwide who was getting back from a pilgrimage to Saudia Arabia via Qatar, while another was a Tunisian person from France. A third an infection was present in a Swedish traveller coming from Sweden and the last 2 have been identified in an American and a German particular person, each of whom had flown from the UK.
Bizarre who tested optimistic for the Omicron variant in Phuket were between the ages of 24 and 26. 3 had been absolutely vaccinated with Pfizer, while one had received 2 Moderna vaccines. The Thai nationwide had received 2 doses of the Sinovac vaccine in addition to a Pfizer booster shot. They were all transferred to hospital amenities.
All 5 travellers had travelled on flights routed by way of through the Middle East and had tested negative for Covid-19 with PCR exams before boarding the flight to Phuket. All had visited the Hajj in Mecca. There have been 132 other passengers on the flight but no other optimistic tests for Omicron have been recognized but in Phuket.
They have been getting into Thailand as a part of the Test & Go program that might have allowed them to travel freely after testing, had the results been negative. The group of 5 passengers were quarantined locally for five days before shifting south to Pattani province to continue quarantine there underneath a special association from the Phuket Provincial Police. They will remain under statement by medical workers for an additional 9 days for a full 14-day quarantine.
The first optimistic test for the Omicron variant in Phuket was first identified on Friday, but the other 4 passengers were already under quarantine before the Covid-19 infection was confirmed because the Omicron variant. The Phuket Provincial Public Health Office confirmed that the outbreak was fully contained and there was no probability it might spread onto the island. They assured that there was no security risk to the folks of Phuket and urged everybody not to panic..

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