88,000kg of useless fish wash up on Chon Buri seaside

Nothing ruins a stunning day at the beach like hundreds of kilogrammes of useless fish washing ashore. But the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources has no less than confirmed the source of the vast quantities of chacunda fish gizzard shad that washed up on Bang Saen seaside in Chon Buri province.
It turns out the disgusting show of lifeless fish was attributable to the damaged web of a fishing boat. The department issued the clarification in response to a TikTok video clip of the incident that went viral among Thai social media.
On Saturday evening, over eight,000 kilograms of chacunda gizzard shad have been found on the beach, prompting officials to take swift action and remove the lifeless fish from the world.
The video clip raised questions amongst tourists on-line, questioning how this unsettling view got here to be. Many suspected that the incident was attributable to a change in sea present. Others thought they had been witnessing a flood of wastewater being dumped into the ocean and washing the lifeless fish up on shore.
But the department reassured the public concerning the dead fish. No, this wasn’t a poisoning incident, nor had the seawater turn into so toxic that it was killing all of the marine life. The incident was merely the results of a broken fishing net. They confirmed that the seawater quality is regular.
Aside from Withheld -churning sight of about eight tonnes of fish washing up on shore, many locals have been spooked at the potential mass death of chacunda gizzard shad as they’re a well-liked and worthwhile species to fish.
The division mentioned that the tonnes of dead fish isn’t a dire warning of a disaster. They are, in reality, quite the opposite – an indication of how plentiful and fruitful the oceans of Thailand’s coasts actually are.
They issued an announcement confirming these weren’t an indication of fish being killed off, but somewhat a huge fishing haul that received dumped to the shores due to a damaged net.
“A massive faculty of chacunda gizzard shad may be found throughout this time.”

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