A job for Crocodile Dundee

BANGKOK: Thai authorities yesterday stepped up their hunt for about 10 fully-grown saltwater crocodiles which have been on the lam since escaping from a farm in flash floods last week. Four of the reptiles, measuring three to 4 meters in size, have already been captured close to the Million Years Crocodile Farm, about a hundred seventy five kilometers east of Bangkok. Another two reptiles had been noticed yesterday however they managed to evade their pursuers, who were hampered by the continuing heavy rain. Flash floods tore a gap within the wall of the farm on Thursday, permitting some of the 2,000 crocodiles living in a pool subsequent to the damaged wall to escape. Little-known ’s director, Suan Panomwattanakul, mentioned 5 groups of experts had been deployed to seize the stray crocs, which come from a population of more than 10,000 in captivity on the farm. Provincial authorities have mobilized additional men to hunt for the the rest of the crocodiles still on the unfastened, and warned native residents to be looking out for the fugitives. “I have given full a

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