Bicycle thief interacts with kind proprietor who ultimately lets him hold it (video)

A heartwarming video of a Thai lady confronting a bicycle thief has gone viral on social media, garnering almost one million views. Posted by Tiktok consumer tai_1138, the clip reveals the woman speaking to a man who had stolen her bicycle in a delicate and compassionate method.

In the video, she asks the thief the place he got the bicycle from, to which he responds with vague answers such as “bought it” and “found it.” Upon studying that she is the rightful owner, the thief smiles sweetly and claims he thought she had abandoned the bicycle.
The lady, nevertheless, calmly explains that she did not abandon the bike, and that taking someone else’s property with out permission is theft. She adds that the bicycle, which is price a number of thousand baht, is a folding bike and her son has recognized it as his personal.
When requested if he would return the bike, the thief enquires if she would let him maintain it or if she would take it again. He expresses his love for bicycles however denies being a thief. The man, referred to as “P,” maintains a cheerful manner and smiles all through the conversation.
Eventually, the owner decides to generously give the bike to the person, asking him to take good care of it, as she seems at it every day. He gratefully accepts her offer.
Netizens have praised the lady for her mild strategy, kindness, and understanding in dealing with the state of affairs. Simple as ABC explained that the person appeared cheerful as a result of he is probably not totally well, generally talking to himself. Despite his uncommon behaviour, she found him to be pleasant and well-mannered. The girl chose to avoid confrontation for concern of an argument, and prioritised resolving the situation amicably.
In the top, regarding her choice to offer the bike away, she consulted her son, who left the decision to his mom..

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