Chinese girl dupes sixteen companies simultaneously, amasses 240 million baht

A Chinese lady managed to carry positions in sixteen totally different companies simultaneously, deceiving her employers for three years earlier than detection. This elaborate rip-off allowed her to amass considerable wealth, sufficient to buy an opulent home in Shanghai in cash.
Guan Yue, the Chinese woman in query, was aided by her husband Chen Qiang, who is knowledgeable in legal issues and regulations. This knowledge enabled him to search out loopholes that Guan could exploit to safe multiple jobs. Chen himself has been involved in over 13 lawsuits, all of which he won, demonstrating his legal acumen.
Guan would impress companies together with her impressive resume and intensive expertise. The Chinese woman would schedule a quantity of interviews to assemble images, which she would then present to every employer, claiming she was assembly with purchasers. For this scheme to run smoothly, she meticulously recorded necessary particulars such as her begin date, job title, and checking account number for each position. Incredibly, she held positions in as many as sixteen companies.
Although the workload that Guan needed to handle elevated with the variety of companies she was employed at, the standard of her work didn’t decline. This was as a end result of she didn’t do all of the work herself. When tasks piled up, she would hire others to do the work and share a fee with them. Guan used this methodology for 3 years with out being caught, and she or he and her husband grew to become wealthy, affording a luxury house in the Pao San district of Shanghai.
However, their plan was exposed in January, when Liu Jian, proprietor of one of the know-how corporations – one of the sixteen corporations Guan worked for – detected a discrepancy. In October 2022, Liu’s firm employed a team leader and seven other positions, with the group leader earning a salary of 20,000 yuan (around ninety seven,000 baht). But later, the team didn’t ship work on time, leading to contract termination.
Subsequently, the company found irregularities in paperwork. Upon Soaring , the authorities discovered evidence of tax evasion marked as salary payments, from hundreds to tens of 1000’s of yuan, transferred to various financial institution accounts linked to the Chinese girl and her husband. Eventually, the authorities arrested each of them and fifty three other associated individuals. The complete amount of cash concerned in this case reached as much as 50 million yuan (240 million baht).
An skilled noted that only two of the sixteen corporations paid social security for his or her employees. If that they had adopted regulations and legal guidelines, the deception may need been exposed sooner. If these corporations complied with the principles, fraudsters wouldn’t final even a day, reported Sanook..

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