Driver arrested for smuggling 13 unlawful Myanmar migrants in Songkhla

A driver has been arrested for the fourth time in Songkhla for smuggling illegal migrants from Myanmar into Thailand. The driver, Aphiwatthana, was apprehended together with the 13 migrants he was transporting in his sport utility car. The arrest occurred on the Khuha intersection within the Rattaphum district, following a police pursuit along a highway.
Upon questioning, the 46 year outdated Aphiwatthana admitted to transporting the migrants from Surat Thani to Songkhla for 2,500 baht per individual. His legal report revealed three previous arrests for the same offence. Despite this, he said that the monetary reward was the first purpose for his continued involvement in smuggling.
The migrants informed the police that they’d paid a total of 12 million kyat, equivalent to nearly 200,000 baht, to job brokers who had promised them work in Malaysia. Both the driver and the migrants at the second are in police custody, dealing with expenses and awaiting legal action, reported Bangkok Post.
During questioning, the driver confessed to having transported the migrants from Surat Thani to Songkhla. He had been employed for two,500 baht per head, he said.
A felony report check confirmed Apiwatthana had been arrested for smuggling unlawful migrants on three prior events earlier than being launched. He informed police that he retook the job as a result of he was well paid.
Elements advised police that they had paid 12 million kyat in whole, or nearly 200,000 baht, to job brokers with a promise of work in Malaysia.
Last week, in Kanchanaburi’s Sangkhla Buri district, a pickup truck smuggling unlawful migrants from Myanmar overturned, leading to a fatality and ten arrests. A police officer was additionally injured during the operation as he was struck by one of many three pickup trucks involved in the smuggling.
A joint group of troopers, police, and local authorities observed three suspicious pickup vehicles rushing along a neighborhood road at Sanehpong village, Moo three, within the sub-district Nong Lu. When officers signalled for the autos to halt for a search, the drivers sped up and attempted to flee..

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