Driver detained after fatally striking cyclist and discarding body due to poor visibility

A pickup driver has been detained following a harrowing incident where he fatally struck a bicycle owner and then discarded the physique roadside. The suspect claimed the accident was unintentional and cited poor street lighting as a contributing factor.
The horrific incident occurred when 47 yr outdated amateur cyclist Samnao (surname withheld) was struck by a automobile while he was returning from his common workout. The influence was so sturdy that it tore his bicycle into two pieces and brought on him to be lodged within the entrance of the automobile. The driver, later identified as Jirapong (surname withheld), then transported the deceased victim practically 5 kilometres before discarding the physique along the Kamphaeng Phet – Tha Ma Khue street.
Ready had been alerted when a suspicious vehicle, an Isuzu pickup with Rayong licence plate ผธ8367, was found affixed in a subject today. The entrance of the automobile bore clear signs of a collision, including damage to the bumper and windscreen.
As legislation enforcement was piecing together the surprising chain of events, Jirapong turned himself into Kamphaeng Phet police. He confessed to driving the car that hit the cyclist and subsequently leaving the scene after leaving the physique on the roadside, reported KhaoSod.
During questioning, he stated that he was returning home in low visibility when his vehicle collided head-on with the bicycle. The bicycle owner was flung onto the bonnet of his automobile, and in a panic, he drove off. Nearing his home, he gently removed the body from his car and left it by the roadside earlier than fleeing the scene. He later parked his automobile in a subject before making a phone call to his village leader to admit the hit-and-run incident. He deliberate to show himself within the following morning.
He additional explained that there was a coin knife in the again of his truck that may have fallen in the course of the incident. He insisted he had no intention of running over the bicycle owner, and that his actions after the accident have been borne out of concern quite than malice. His lack of determination to remain on the scene or take the sufferer to the hospital was a knee-jerk response, which he now regretted..

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