Drug disco monk defrocked

NAKHON SRI THAMMARAT: In an fascinating story that until now has not been reported within the English language press, a monk was arrested on November 17 after police found he had converted his cell on the temple into a mini disco and was having drug events.
After receiving a tip off that a monk at Wat Mukhathara, in Tambon Pak Nakhon, Muang District, was utilizing medication in his cell, plainclothed police went to investigate.
At the temple the officers heard music and loud chatting coming from one of the cells. When they received close, they might smell cigarette smoke and krathom (a prohibited indigenous plant with a light stimulant effect) wafting from beneath the door.
The officers knocked on the door. When Unlock opened it, they noticed 5 youths all in a state of superior inebriation. The youths tried to make a dash for the exit, however were all collared by the officers. Police launched the names of the monk and two laymen as Phra Chokdee Sukkaow, 29, Jakraphan Laichaphit, 21, and Kittichai Bualuang, 23.
Two other youths were also arrested, but as they have been underneath 18, their names weren’t released. According to police, Phra Chokdee’s cell was adorned “like a discotheque”, but they did not elaborate on the arrange.
Police took Phra Chokdee to the temple abbot to be defrocked and contacted the mother and father and guardians of the youths, telling them to come and pick them up. After the defrocking, Phra Chokdee – or just Mr Chokdee as he is now known – was taken to Nakhon Sri Thammarat Provincial Police Station.
There he complained bitterly to Deputy Commander Col Somchai Uamthong that he should not have been defrocked as he had committed only pahjittee (a minor offence beneath the foundations of the Buddhist Sangha), not pahrahchik (a grave offence).
The colonel, nonetheless, had little time for Mr Chokdee’s protestations, asking of him why he wanted to remain within the monkhood when he was solely bringing the religion into disrepute. Col Somchai added that many undisciplined monks like Mr Chokdee had already been defrocked, including abbots, and that he should accept his fate graciously..

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