Illegal scallop fishing operation smashed in Trat, culprits face legal proceedings

In less than of Marine Resources arrested several illegal fishing culprits, seizing 3 kilogrammes of scallops in Ban Pred Nai, Trat Province. The suspects’ boat and fishing instruments have been subsequently handed over to investigation officers for prosecution based on the legislation. This occurred right now and was actioned by the Marine and Coastal Resources Office 1, in cooperation with the Marine National Interests Conservation Command Centre in Trat.
Following allegations of covert illegal fishing in Ban Pred Nai, Huai Nam Khao, Mueang district, the officials encountered an active scallop dredging boat in the involved space. A vessel named Chokpanyanawee, with registration number 556400562, was investigated along with its 4 crew members. The inspection resulted within the seizure of the scallop dredger and 3 kilogrammes of scallops. The officers then released the scallops again into their natural surroundings, reported KhaoSod.
The culprits have been notified of the costs towards them in accordance with the Fisheries Act B.E. 2558. Additionally, adjustments and additions to Section 71(1) gadgets 2 and 3(2),147,169, together with the Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry’s announcement/Fisheries Department announcement on the regulation of all sizes of fishing boats using some forms of fishing gear for industrial fishing B.E. 2560. The offenders’ boat and fishing gear were despatched to the investigation officers at Ao Chor Police Station for further authorized action.
In May, two males were arrested for unlawful fishing in protected waters off Cape Panwa, in front of the Phuket Marine Resources Research Centre. One of the individuals was discovered in possession of four child black-tip reef sharks..

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