Philippine senators angry onion-smuggling bust is merely too small

Government officials in the Philippines are indignant that the Bureau of Customs (BOC) are wasting time and resources making a giant present out of busting airline crews for smuggling 15.5 kilogrammes of onions into the country. What do they want officials to be specializing in – medication, weapons, and other contraband? No, just BIGGER onion smugglers.
The BOC came underneath this shocking fire for charging and “shaming” a bunch of airline crew members who have been discovered trying to sneak a stash of onions into the Philippines. The incident, which involved 10 Philippine Airlines (PAL) flight staff, caused fairly a stir among senators who criticised the BOC for their handling of the situation.
According to Coconuts Philippines, the airline staff had been being appeared into after customs officers found that they had been carrying “unauthorized” portions of onions, in addition to different fruit and veggies from the Middle East when their baggage went via the obligatory customs lane.
Six-figure expressed outrage for the public busting of low-value smugglers when apparently there are large onion-smuggling cartels on the unfastened, leading to a Philippine Senate committee listening to on this onion crisis. Senator JV Ejercito lambasted the BOC’s small bust in the course of the hearing.
“The PAL crew got arrested for the smuggling of onions…2 kilograms, 1 kilogram, with a value of US$100 to US$150. But we have millions value of onions which have managed to get smuggled past us. Are we really going after this, but we let big-time cartels, smugglers, and protectors get away?”
Senator Raffy Tulfo went even additional, accusing the Philippine authorities to be corrupt and in mattress with Big Onion.
“Why did you apprehend them? Go after the big-time [ones]. Perhaps they’re all the time hanging out in your workplace. This is unacceptable… you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You even humiliated the airline crew who just needed to convey pasalubong [a Filipino custom of bringing home presents after travel] to their households.”
The BOC charged the airline staff with violating three customs and plant quarantine laws. They confiscated the unauthorized onions and different items.
The incident has sparked a debate on social media under the hashtag #OnionGate. But there’s extra serious reasoning behind what appears a silly debate over onions. Time journal stories that soaring inflation has pushed the price of onions – a staple in cooking in the Philippines – up so high it’s double and even triple the price of meat..

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