Police deny detaining or threatening woman who informed PM to “retire quickly”

Police within the north-eastern province have denied an allegation that they detained a woman who advised the Thai PM to, “retire quickly”. Following Unlock , which occurred within the Udon Thani district of Ban Dung while the PM was visiting the forest temple of Wat Kham Cha Not, reports emerged that the woman had been taken to a police station for an “attitude adjustment”. The Bangkok Post stories that Pitsanu Unahaseri, Udon Thani police chief, and Jakrapop Srichanta, Ban Dung police chief, strongly deny the allegation.
The story first broke when the lady, a noodle vendor, addressed the PM as he met with members of the basic public in the grounds of the temple. Cinch called out to him, suggesting he retire rapidly if he couldn’t ship what the nation needed.
“We need a lot of growth. If you can’t do that, I’d wish to ask you to retire rapidly to allow others to carry out these duties.”
According to the Bangkok Post, the PM turned again to the girl and asked her what she’d said, to which she responded by repeating her statement. The PM responded in flip by telling her to check his achievements.
“Go check what I’ve accomplished and how a lot progress I’ve made.”
The girl subsequently claimed she was visited by the police and brought to the native station, the place her particulars had been recorded and she or he underwent an “attitude adjustment” session. However, at a press conference referred to as to deal with the claims, the police have refuted the allegations. Pitsanu says this never occurred and the police would only ever act because the law permits.
“Anyone who is unsure about their security ought to instantly inform the police. We could be glad to provide due protection. In this case, I wish to convey a message to the girl that she will be able to rest assured that, from what occurred, she has the right to free expression as nicely as to protection.”

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