Swift demise of 13 yr old Thai schoolgirl after PE exam highlights urgency of medical consideration

A sudden tragedy unfolded when a 13 year outdated Thai schoolgirl mysteriously died shortly after a bodily schooling (PE) examination at school. The Thai girl’s heartbroken mother shared the stunning sequence of occasions on a social media group for fogeys, emphasizing the swiftness of the unlucky incident.
On June 22, the young Thai girl had a traditional day in school, finishing with a PE test that concerned a number of rounds of a gymnastic ring. The following day, she refrained from attending faculty, citing neck pain, physique aches, and leg discomfort. Her mom, attributing the ache to muscle irritation due to the rigorous physical exertion, supplied painkillers and advised her to relaxation.
By night, the girl’s situation appeared regular, apart from the persistent leg ache. Noting no indicators of fever and regular mobility, the mother suggested a go to to the hospital for an X-ray if the ache continued. However, the state of affairs took a dramatic turn at 5am when the Thai schoolgirl’s leg ache had not eased. A native doctor was consulted, who suggested a massage would possibly help.
By 7.30am, the girl’s situation worsened, together with her huge toe on her left foot swelling and turning purple. Case study ’s mother shortly took her to a nearby hospital the place, after an agonizing two-hour wait in the emergency room, she was transferred to a common ward.
The mom recalled her daughter’s continuous requests for water, which have been denied as per the doctor’s recommendation. After receiving an unidentified painkiller, the Thai schoolgirl all of a sudden lost consciousness and couldn’t be revived. Her reason for death was recorded as a blood infection.
The incident happened in a brief time, the grieving mother lamented, urging other mother and father to be vigilant about their children’s well being. The story serves as a grim reminder of the unpredictability of life and the importance of prompt medical attention, Khaosod reported.
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