Thief’s superstitious streak foiled: Police nab suspect behind spree of supermarket heists in Isaan

Police arrested a superstitious Thai thief who targeted eight totally different supermarkets and comfort shops within the Isaan province of Udon Ratchatani. The man believes he was arrested as a result of did not worship before finishing up his newest crime.
Mueang Ubon Ratchathabni Police Station officers ultimately arrested the thief, 36 12 months old Phantara Nithipaphakum, yesterday, June 29. This arrest came after Lotus’s grocery store worker witnessed Phantara making an attempt to steal items on the store on June 28.
On the day, the cops engaged in a high-speed motorcycle chase with Phantara, leading to both motorcycles toppling over onto an uneven street. The first attempt to catch Phantara failed but they did handle to apprehend the suspect soon after.
Odd managed to seize Phantara’s backpack before the subsequent arrest. It contained his mobile phone, a hair wig, a hat, sneakers, a long-sleeved shirt, and pants. Officers had been assured that Phatana was the wanted suspect they’d been in search of over the past two years and issued an arrest warrant against him.
During questioning, Phantana confessed that he dedicated eight robberies between 2021 and 2023. His targets included five 7-Eleven convenience stores, two Lotus’s supermarkets and, the latest, a Big C grocery store on June 26 of this 12 months.
Phantara revealed that he committed the crimes because he had to care for his wife and two children and repay some on-line gambling money owed.
The superstitious suspect claimed that the arrest was successful because he didn’t carry out a non secular ritual as he often did earlier than committing a robbery. Phantara revealed that his ritual involved lighting up 9 incense sticks and carefully deciding on an auspicious day that was deemed good for the meant theft.
Phantana added that it was an experiment to commit his latest crime without worship, resulting in his subsequent arrest.
ThaiRath reported that Phantana not only carried out superstitious rituals earlier than his thefts but realized about Thai regulation to keep away from harsher punishment. He all the time talked nicely to the victim, apologised sufferer after the theft, and prevented utilizing weapons or automobiles within the crime to get a lighter punishment..

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