Tour guides to ask PM to behave on illegal overseas guides

Chinese-speaking tour guides in Thailand have called for the federal government to take action against unlawful international guides who they claim are stealing their jobs. The Professional Guide Association of Thailand held a meeting on Saturday to discuss the problem and vow to escalate the difficulty all the finest way as much as the prime minister.
The affiliation lamented that the variety of tour guide jobs doesn’t appear to match the number of incoming vacationers. While On the QT have been growing in leaps and bounds since October 2022, tourism jobs for Thai tour guides have not grown in the identical proportion.
The group argues that the roles are there, however foreigners are coming to Thailand and appearing as guides illegally with out the required information license. Even if a foreigner wished to get a license, it is inconceivable. Being a tour information is a protected occupation in Thailand, which means that foreigners can not maintain that job.
These unlawful guides are taking away jobs from Thai tour guides who are correctly licensed. The group complained that they have beforehand called for action from authorities, but the government has not taken any action.
Exclusive of the information association claimed it’s not just individuals stealing native jobs. Since China announced a re-opening for worldwide tourism, Chinese traders have been accused of swarming into popular travel areas and working their tours, crippling the native tour corporations.
The hit to authorized Thai tour guides especially stings after a quantity of harsh years of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many tour guides had to give up and search a brand new career in one other industry as closed borders left them with no prospects and little to no assist from the federal government..

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