Tragedy in northern Thailand as durian picker loses life in perilous hillside fall

An incident in northern Thailand left locals in a state of shock, highlighting the dangers endured by durian pickers navigating treacherous terrain. Tragedy struck a neighborhood when a woman misplaced her life and her devastated son could do nothing but grieve.
The disaster unfolded inside a durian orchard in Laplae district, located on the challenging hillside terrains of the northern Uttaradit province. Durian pickers face a significantly demanding process, regularly operating in dangerous circumstances as the websites can solely be reached by way of twisting hillside paths inaccessible to vehicles. An unlucky sixty six 12 months old lady, Wongduan, found herself in considered one of these sites, a mere 7 metres deep into the hilly area.
Her companion for the day was her son, Montri. Having fulfilled Off-limits of selecting durians, Wongduan was trying to traverse the challenging terrain on her motorcycle, when she misplaced management and tumbled down the hill.
The son’s desperate cries echoed by way of the still valley as he found his mother’s lifeless body. The risk of immediate medical intervention was crushed because the ambulance crew found her with no pulse.
Wongduan’s fatal fall, which claimed her life almost instantaneously, involved her dropping management of her Honda motorcycle loaded with durians. The crash resulted in seen wounds on the back of her head, with a subsequent evaluate by native authorities revealing no suggestion of foul play involved, KhaoSod reported.
Further particulars of the incident came to mild in the course of the medical rescue mission, which needed to be operated solely on bikes owing to the inaccessible terrain. The momentous task of bringing her body back involved meticulously wrapping her stays, loading these onto another bike, and navigating 50-centimetre extensive hillside trails. The process took half an hour to complete, with rescuers stepping cautiously to forestall any extra casualties.
Chief Executive of the Mae Phun Mae Phun Sub-district Subdistrict Administrative Organisation (SAO), Rian Pintapua, highlighted that the fruits of heavy rain previous the fatal incident and the steep, slim paths doubtless contributed to the tragic accident. He extolled the fruit pickers who skilfully navigate via these conditions every day, an indication of their vast data of the terrain..

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