Vietnamese durian vendor in Thailand faces 7 years in jail for tipping the scales

A sneaky Vietnamese durian vendor is going through a hefty fine and jail time period for using doctored weighing scales to trick clients in Thailand. The faulty scales upped the worth of the stinky, useful fruit by 75 baht per sale.
Deputy director-general of the Department of Internal Trade Pol. Lt. Chakra Yodmanee reported that the division despatched officers to inspect the scales of a overseas durian peddler in the Bang Yai district of Nonthaburi province.
Proven discovered that a durian weighing four kilogrammes confirmed up on the scales as weighing four.5 kilogrammes, growing the worth by at least 75 baht, stories MGR Online.
Police arrested the Vietnamese vendor beneath suspicion of, “acting in a way to enhance the load of the scales used to trade and promote goods beyond the margin of error with the intention of exploiting prospects,” in violation of Section 26, Section 25, and Section 79 of the Weights and Scales Act (1999).
The most penalty for the charge is no extra than seven years in prison, a fine of no extra than 280,000 baht, or each.
In complete, 585 individuals have been arrested under suspicion of violating the Weights and Scales Act since its implementation in Thailand in 1999, according to the Director of the Weights and Measures Division Chatri Areewong.
Last 12 months, 14 people have been arrested for tipping the scales, seven of whom had been foreigners. The Vietnamese durian vendor in Nonthaburi is the primary person arrested under the cost this year.
Director Chatri said…
“This vendor took advantage of shoppers. The division can’t accept it as a result of there is excessive demand for the fruit in the market. Durian sells for one hundred fifty baht per kilogramme. When thinking about the injury, it’s a loss of 75 baht. It doesn’t seem like lots, but if you do it many instances, every single day, the injury will accumulate.”
The crime additionally violated Section 270 of Thailand’s Criminal Code regarding “Modified Measuring Equipment…”
“Whoever, with intent to take advantage in commerce, makes use of or has in possession for use of any instrument for weighing, any weight, or any measure which is different from the conventional commonplace; or has such instrument in his or her possession for promoting objective shall be liable to imprisonment for not exceeding three years or a fine of not exceeding 6 thousand baht or both.”

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