Message from Foodpanda driver telling buyer to put on a bra sparks outrage

A girl has shared a screenshot of a message she received from a Foodpanda driver telling her she ought to wear a bra. The submit has since gone viral, sparking outrage amongst Facebook customers.
“Customer whenever you come out to select up your stuff, please wear a bra. Unexplained don’t really feel comfortable (if you don’t wear one).”
According to a Bangkok Post report, the motive force was referring to an incident during which a woman collected her order from him with out bothering to place a bra on first. The incident has been closely criticised on social media, with customers pointing out that many ladies choose to not wear a bra at residence in order to be more snug.
“Whether a girl chooses to wear a bra or not, that is her private proper. It doesn’t imply anyone can harass or humiliate her.”
However, different food delivery riders have chimed in to defend the driving force, with some (possibly deluded) individuals accusing ladies of going braless to seduce them. And in what some would possibly see as a spectacular instance of victim-blaming, drivers have urged girls to raised shield themselves towards the menace of sexual violence.
The Bangkok Post reports that Foodpanda has issued a press release of apology and stated the matter will be investigated and the driving force will face penalties. However, many say this does not go far sufficient, with the authorities and women’s rights groups saying such corporations need to display their employees correctly.
Supensri Puengkoksung from the Social Equality Promotion Foundation says the driver’s perspective is a reflection of the basis reason for sexual harassment in Thailand. She says sexual attitudes remain unequal between men and women, with many men having by no means been taught respect in matters associated to intercourse. She provides that the apology from Foodpanda doesn’t go far sufficient and the punishment given to the rider should be sturdy enough to act as a deterrent for other drivers.
Meanwhile, Kissana Phathanacharoen from the Royal Thai Police says food supply drivers who harass prospects face jail time of a month and/or a ten,000-baht fantastic. Drivers who share photographs of consumers on-line could rise up to five years in prison and a a hundred,000-baht nice. He has urged clients to report such incidents to police..

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