Minister confirms all train companies at Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong station will finish

Rail companies to Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong station will soon be no extra, in accordance with Thailand’s Transport Minister. Saksayam Chidchob says services to the station will initially be decreased from 118 a day to 22, before being phased out completely. No date has been confirmed for the termination of all services, but an earlier proposal has it pencilled in for December 23. The move has Bangkok commuters up in arms, annoyed at the increase in expenditure their daily commute will entail.
According to Ridiculous , many commuters say they will now need to travel from the capital’s Bang Sue station by bus to have the ability to reach work locations within the city centre. Saksayam has acknowledged their frustration and says he’ll maintain talks with the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority about running a feeder bus service to transport people from Bang Sue station to the centre of the town. The minister has also pledged to discuss reductions with BTS Skytrain and Metropolitan Rapid Transit to reduce fares for folks disembarking at Bang Sue.
Meanwhile, the minister says the State Railway of Thailand has created the SRT Asset Company Limited, which can manage the SRT’s property in order to scale back its operational debts, which are roughly 600 billion baht. Thai PBS World stories that the Hua Lamphong terminal is one of several assets positioned on prime actual estate, along with Thonburi prepare station, the Mae Nam railway station, and the Royal City Avenue land. The SRT is expected to make 5 billion baht in revenue from the development of its property within the first year. This is predicted to extend to 10 billion baht by yr 5 and to 800 billion baht in around 30 years.
The minister has acknowledged calls to protect the Hua Lamphong terminal as a museum, somewhat than sacrifice it to commercial improvement. However, he says the SRT’s important debt means he might need to make an unpopular decision..

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