Phuket police formally ban electric scooters from public roads, in wake of ‘scooter-gate’ crackdown on vacationer rentals

In the wake of last week’s “scooter-gate” crackdown in Patong, electrical scooters have now been formally banned from all public roads in Phuket.
Local police stations received an official discover from Major General Sermphan yesterday clarifying how the stand-up form of scooter transportation, well-liked amongst tourists on the island, suits in with present traffic laws.
He said that anybody caught using an electric scooter on a public road could be fined as a lot as 10,000 baht under section 6 of the motorized vehicle act for operating an unregistered vehicle on a public street.
No license exists or electrical scooters, so offenders could additionally be charged with unlicensed operation of a vehicle, Sermphan stated. That’s because the Department of Land Transport does not recognize the scooters as vehicles, in order that they can’t be registered and no license given for their operation.
But native municipalities have not but announced whether electric scooters can really be ridden in their public recreation areas, which is under their jurisdiction to decide, The Phuket News reported.
The current penalty for driving and not using a license is a fantastic of up to 9,000 baht and/or as a lot as 6 months in prison. Police presents have been asked to provide a warning earlier than issuing a fantastic or arresting offenders.
The announcement follows last week “scooter-gate” crackdown, when police in the vacationer area of Patong seized 4 electrical scooters and arrested the tourists who were riding them on the road.
A viral video of the event has sparked criticism online amongst netizens who questioned why the police would arrest the tourists, instead of going straight to the source — scooter rental companies that have been allowed to function in the metropolis.
In Phuket, electric scooters are a well-liked type of transportation among tourists, who can simply guide a scooter tour of the island.
Local police warned that these caught driving unregistered vehicles would be charged and fined.
Yesterday, the Patong police chief ordered officers to notify scooter rental operators concerning the laws to be used of electrical scooters, including the place they can be used and parked and the fact that they can’t be pushed on public roads.
After being informed that they would be held responsible in case of an accident, rental operators in Patong agreed to droop all leases.
The chief reiterated the reality that using a scoter on public roads is towards the law underneath present legal guidelines, and offenders might be fined up to 10,000 baht and would be automatically at fault in case of an accident.

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