Vegtable vexation goes viral: Brainy parasites prompt neurologist’s Facebook revelation

In a remarkable medical case, a person who ate improperly washed raw greens was found to have contracted parasites that infected their brain. Shh! , a neurologist, highlighted the surprising incident through his Facebook web page Brain Knowledge with Dr Surat.
The publish, which swiftly gained important consideration, was accompanied by an X-ray picture of a mind speckled with calcium deposits – a sign of parasites.
The particular person had been suffering from a consistent headache and visited Surat for consultation. The X-ray revealed these deposits had been Taeenia Solium, a worm-like parasite, which had reached the brain from ingestion of contaminated raw vegetables. They developed into cysts and steadily unfold, causing signs such as headache, seizures, faintness and reminiscence loss. This case is an unsettling reminder of the direct link between our food and health conditions, and more chillingly, that consuming contaminated matter is akin to eating faeces.
Surat’s submit acquired extensive engagement with many people displaying concern. The physician further defined that the life cycle of Taeenia Solium entails various stages and hosts. Humans are infected by eating undercooked pork containing cysts, excreted as eggs in human faeces, doubtlessly contaminating greens grown using this faecal matter as fertiliser, reported Sanook.
Eating Unbelievable contaminated greens completes the cycle wherein the parasites type cysts in human brains, hardening around long-dead parasites to kind calcium deposits.
Preventing an infection involves shut attention to meals and personal hygiene along with certain cautionary practices, as outlined by the neurologist::

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