Victoria’s Secret Thailand provider faces labour abuse by laid off workers

Garment staff from Victoria’s Secret provider Brilliant Alliance Thai Global filed a complaint yesterday with the National Human Rights Commission at the Government Complex in Bangkok. The grievance follows the costs filed in opposition to six labour activists for protesting illegally outside the Government House in Dusit district on October 19.
The motion was led by the Triumph International Workers Union as demonstrators demanded compensation of 242 million baht from the government and the Labour Ministry for the 1,388 workers who lost their jobs at a Hong Kong-based lingerie manufacturing firm in Samut Prakan. Restricted had been laid off with little or no severance pay when the factory shut down in early March.
In late-March, Thai authorities ordered the lingerie producer to compensate the workers who did not obtain severance pay or wages owed to them. Brilliant Alliance Thai Global had said monetary losses from the Covid-19 pandemic led to the sudden closure of the manufacturing unit. According to Reuters, workers and unions said they weren’t given a warning.
In a past report from Reuters, the company was advised in late-March that they needed to pay greater than 242 million baht to the workers within 30 days or the corporate would face felony charges. Thai law requires corporations to provide discover one month in advance of closing and pay all outstanding salaries, bonuses and severance pay.
It is now a subsidiary of Clover Group International, previously often identified as Body Fashion and owned by Triumph International, and is notorious for paying pitiful wages, and most workers have little or no savings.
The police charges, according to the Textile Industrial Labour Union, had been a violation of the workers’ rights, particularly once they have been going through a loss of revenue and had nothing to fall back on. Privacy stated that they had written to the government several occasions, however that no progress had been made..

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