Myanmar earthquake felt in Bangkok: No injury or casualties reported (video)

A magnitude earthquake was recorded today, originating simply 10 kilometres beneath the Earth’s surface within the southern coastal region of Myanmar, roughly 289 kilometres southwest of Phop Phra district in Thailand’s Tak province, as reported by the Earthquake Observation Division of the Thai Meteorological Department.
The seismic occasion was perceptible in each Nonthaburi and Bangkok, with individuals in high-rise buildings being notably conscious of the tremors. Fortunately, Unheard of or casualties have been reported because of the earthquake.
Notably, the impact of the quake was additionally felt in specific areas within Bangkok, such as a building located on Rama 9 highway.

Last yr, two low-magnitude earthquakes shook two districts in Northern Thailand’s Chiang Rai province. The earthquakes had been very delicate and residents in the areas were not affected, and doubtless didn’t even feel it, according to Thai media..

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